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GSOC is an independent agency of the Department of Justice and Equality. Much of our administration is done through the Department. For example payroll, expenses, purchase orders, invoice processing and other financial services are processed by the Department of Justice Financial Shared Services Centre.

Payroll and expenses are processed by the central government Payroll Shared Service Centre. Human resources services are provided by Peoplepoint, the Government HR & Pensions Shared Service.

Read GSOC’s accounts for 2014. Previous years are available on request.

GSOC leases an office building on Abbey Street Dublin for its corporate headquarters. The majority of its staff are based here, with less than ten staff in two small regional Investigations team offices in Longford and Cork. We have 13 GSOC vehicles, which are fully owned. The organisation has no ongoing or planned capital projects.

GSOC adheres to public service procurement guidelines and is serviced by the Office of Government Procurement. GSOC currently has no tenders open. A list of current contracts (of over €10k for ICT and over €35k for other contracts) is shown here:

Current Contracts
Contract Type Service Provider Annual Value Award Date Contract Duration Extension Option Extension availed of
Vehicle Maintenance Holden Plant Rentals €36,000 01/01/2015 1 year  1 additional year Yes
Accountancy Crowleys DFK Ltd €14,000 08/02/2016 2 years  2 extensions of 1 year each Not applicable until 2017
Security Manguard Plus €281,435 30/05/2014 2 years  None Awaiting notification from OGP
Rent Ulysses Properties €1,011,370 01/09/2008 25 years None N/A
Cleaning G4S  €32,000 21/06/2012 4 years None Awaiting notification from OGP
Electricity Supply Electric Ireland €60,000 20/04/2015
2 years
None N/A
Fuel Cards Topaz Ireland €36,000 31/01/2016
1 year
None N/A
Software Development E-ICS €130,000 14/12/2015
1 August 2016
None N/A
Software Development Version 1 €66,297 28/06/2016
1 December 2016
None N/A
ICT Equipment Bechtle €25,000 20/01/2016 N/A None N/A
ICT Equipment Eir €41,019 28/02/2016 N/A None N/A
ICT Equipment Dell €45,011 13/04/2016 30 June 2016 None N/A
ICT Support/ Maintenance Comsys €17,200 01/04/2016 2 years None N/A
ICT Support/ Maintenance IBM €10,887 01/02/2016 1 year None N/A
ICT Support/ Maintenance Ward Solutions €17,081 01/04/2016 1 year None N/A
ICT Support/ Maintenance RITS €14,760 5/05/2016 1 October 2016 None N/A
ICT Support/ Maintenance Storm €20,516 28/06/2016 16 December 2016 None N/A

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