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Organisation Strategy

Read the full Statement of Strategy 2012-2016. This is GSOC’s second Statement of Strategy; its purpose is to guide the organisation’s work for the five year period of January 2012 to December 2016.

A summary of the key content of this strategy document is as follows:

GSOC will aim to reflect the nature of the institution of the 'Ombudsman'
The spirit of the title 'Ombudsman' suggests that systemic improvement should be a goal of the organisation. The identification of systemic issues in the course of the investigation of cases, with return of findings to the relevant bodies, has the potential to reduce complaints and also to induce lasting improvement in the quality of the service provided to the public by both GSOC and the Garda Síochána. GSOC will endeavour to do this where appropriate.

Police oversight and accountability is a vital function in a democratic society. GSOC will work towards delivering an influential, balanced, fair and proportionate commentary on this subject in Ireland.

GSOC will aim to take into account the issues of both complainants and gardaí in an empathetic and humane manner, while encouraging them to engage, as meaningfully as possible, with the process of resolving complaints. GSOC will explore, where appropriate, satisfactory resolutions rather than relying exclusively on the traditional, expensive, adversarial outcomes. We will not judge our performance solely or primarily on the numbers of convictions of, or sanctions applied to, garda members as a result of investigations. Our focus will be, instead, on an overall improvement in police accountability.

Key values of the organisation:

  • Integrity - putting the public interest first;
  • Respect for the human rights of all those with whom the organisation comes into contact;
  • Objectivity - basing decisions on rigorous and fair analysis of the evidence;
  • Openness and transparency - communication and explanation of our actions;
  • Commitment, dedication and focus on high professional standards and excellent public service.

Strategic objectives of the organisation:

  • Building GSOC’s effectiveness (balancing quantity/ output with quality assurance);
  • Raising awareness and gaining acceptance;
  • Informing policy development and policing practice; and
  • Delivering quality public service.

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