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Information for members of the Garda Síochána

This section aims to answer some frequently asked questions for garda members in relation to what to expect:

... if a complaint is made against you

  • How will I know if a complaint is made against me?
  • If a complaint is made against me and it is deemed inadmissible, what are the main reasons and why am I not told what the complaint was?
  • What are my rights if a complaint is made against me?
  • Can GSOC investigate conduct of off-duty gardaí?

...in the investigation of a complaint

  • How are complaints investigated?
  • Why would I engage in Informal Resolution?
  • What powers do GSOC officers have?
  • If GSOC requests an interview with me, what can I expect?
  • Can GSOC impose penalties or sanctions?
  • How long do complaint investigations typically take?
  • What does GSOC do about complaints that are false or misleading?

Other matters

  • Who can I talk to if I am concerned or anxious about a GSOC investigation?
  • If I have a complaint about a GSOC staff member what recourse do I have?
  • Disclosures from employees of An Garda Síochána under the Protected Disclosures Act 2014

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